WB Warehousing & Logistics is equipped for practically any material handling, packaging or distribution project. With so much to offer, we can introduce customers to a whole new way to commerce and deliver greater success for their business.

Our State of the Art Facilities span from California to Wisconsin and New Jersey with many stops in-between.

We offer one-stop shopping for:

A graphic displaying the various services that WB Warehousing offers, including Shipping, Warehousing, Customer Support, Transportation, Packaging & Fulfillment, and Logistics.

Mission Statement

With a bundle of warehouse, material handling, distribution and food packaging services, we are dedicated to enhancing each customer’s competitive advantage.

Our flexibility will set us apart from competitors and allow for reduced shipment lead times, reduced inventories and improved inventory turns.

Thinking inside and outside the box, we will excel at being a total logistics and distribution provider as well as a partner.

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