WB Warehousing Forms

We are here to make your experience with WB Warehousing & Logistics as enjoyable as possible. Below are some of our available forms to help you get started on the process. If you should have ANY questions or need assistance in any way to fill out these forms, or you are unsure which information pertains to you and your business, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

WB Customer Profile Form

Please fill out this form so we can provide the best strategic location for your product.

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WB General Account Info Form

This form will assist our accounts receivable dept. with billing information and establish the appropriate contacts within your organization in the case of an emergency.

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WB Warehouse Profile Form

By filling out this form we can determine the best location & planning analysis for the storage of your product. Space & capacity is vital in determining where to store your product.

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WB Accounting Info Form

This form will document the person responsible for accounts payable.

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WB Credit Application

Please fill out this form to help determine your credit limit and terms of our contract.

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WB New Item Info Form

This form will help to set up NEW items in the WB system for distribution and shipping purposes.

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Amazon Fulfillment Services

Amazon fulfillment is the way of the future, WB Warehousing can help you navigate the Amazon waters by helping you process attainable fulfillment goals to help you get your product to market more efficiently thus saving you time and money. Call or email now so WB Warehousing can help you get started with Amazon.


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